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All Inclusive Bath and Blowout 

This integral part of quality grooming includes a coat-appropriate two-shampoo hydromassage bath in our heated bathtub, followed with specific product coat conditioning. This service includes thorough brushing and carding of undercoat, complementary gentle berry facial cleanser, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, teeth brushed and mouth freshened. Face, feet and sanitary areas trimmed as needed. 

Smoothy Trim 

Short, one-length full body haircut ranging from 1/8" to 3/8" in length, executed with a clipper blade and touched up with scissors. Recommended for breeds with hair. NOT recommended for double coated dogs.  Head and face will be styled to balance the short length of body hair. 

Contour Clip

This is a clipper-set style that follows the outline of your dog's silhouette, including body and leg coat. Length varies from 1/2" to 1" and touched up with scissors.  Head and face style will be balanced to the length of body coat, either breed standard or a specialty style we offer. 

Styled, Scissored Finish

Like a finely-tailored suit, in this tier we show off our superior grooming craft, as well as solid knowledge of each breed profile to execute a balanced, breed-correct pet style showing off your purebred, or a head-turning personality trim, or Asian-Fusion style. Whether adorable or elegant, a perfectly scissored finish is our mastery and breed profiles are our grooming pride.

Show Grooming or Hand Stripping
$85 per hour

Currently limited to breeds we specialize in. Continuing education and competition grooming will ensure this list continues to expand, however due to the intricate nature of show grooming, please contact us with questions regarding which breeds are applicable.

Hand Stripping of Terriers and other wired coats available at the rate quoted above.

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