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The FUNDAMENTAL step in quality grooming. A thorough bath in clarifying shampoo removes dirt, oil and product residue. A second bath follows with a styling shampoo to help enhance a particular color or appropriate texture of the hair.  

Hypoallergenic bathing products available per request.

Each dog receives a COMPLIMENTARY BERRY FACIAL at every visit. 


We select a conditioner with a specific goal in mind such as repairing damaged cuticles, moisturizing skin and coat, repelling dirt, or treating with Keratin. At this step we also offer our mud baths, mineral soaks and paw treatments. We use show products from our industry leaders, ARTERO, ISLE OF DOGS, DOG FASHION SPA and SHOW SEASON.

Because we spare no expense in making every dog feel like a show dog at Canine Culture Grooming Studio.


Quality crafted show brushes, top of the line metal combs and new age carding tools help promote coat vitality and minimize damage. Standard 15 minutes of brushing helps remove tangles, dander and loose hair while stimulating follicles and natural oils of the skin for a healthy shine.


Proudly offering detailed, balanced, scissor-finished styling to correct breed standard as well as well-fitted and unique personality trims for the mixed breed. Carding of undercoat comes STANDARD with our service and double coated dogs are trimmed and styled to breed profile. 

Skilled HAND STRIPPING offered to wire coated dogs.

-Nail Care

Nail care for aesthetics as well as health to look good, prevent breaking and minimize strain on tendons. Nails are always trimmed as short as possible and can be filed smooth to encourage shortening of the quick.

-Ear Cleaning

Routine cleaning with cotton and mild cleanser. Ear canals requiring thorough flushing and multiple attempts to remove heavy wax buildup will be billed additionally based on difficulty and time involved. Minimal plucking of hair is offered as well as trimming hair near ear opening. 

-Breath Spray

A freshening spray to destroy odor causing bacteria and aid in preventing tartar buildup is included with service. A complementary teeth brushing offered with a purchase of reusable tooth brush.

-Finishing Accessories

Reusable Neckties and Bow-ties, as well as bows or bandannas are offered at each visit. Other embellishments like jewels and feather extensions can be selected from our creative services. 


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