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Our service is ALL-INCLUSIVE meaning that we offer all that you would expect from a professional service to be included, as well some extras. Our SERVICES link lists and explains in detail, all services offered with every groom.  

On average, most dogs stay for 1.5 hours, with some being finished within 1 hour while other may take 2 hours. It is always a priority to send dogs home as soon as possible, but never at the cost of quality. Detail takes time and we have a reputation to uphold.

I absolutely do not recommend shaving coats designed to shed. While many owners feel that doing so offers benefit, in most cases it can have lasting negative effects on the health and quality of the coat. Grooming means many things for many breeds but it does not universally equate to the cutting of hair and it should not be practiced on breeds not made with that purpose. By cutting fur that's made to grow out and fall out, we upset the natural cycle of the coat and cause changes to the texture, or the rate of healthy regrowth, while also removing the dogs natural insulation from cold and from heat.

While we choose our shampoos carefully and with specific performance in mind, we will gladly use products that have worked for you, personally. Feel free to read about how we select our product line under SERVICES section on our website. 

Puppies, like children, are quite impressionable during their youth. It is vital to make grooming part of their socialization routine so that they can learn to understand and tolerate the grooming process as a routine part of the rest of their lives.  We encourage owners to start grooming new, young puppies at home in the same matter of fact way as with any other training at home, with all focus being on teaching and guiding good behavior through reinforcement. We welcome puppies as young as 10-12 weeks of age to take advantage of imprinting a positive first impression during their critical developmental period. During "puppy's first", we focus on building tolerance and acceptance in a non-threatening manner as part of the foundation set on positive experiences. This may vary based on puppies' wide range of personalities and for that reason, we limit our puppy visits to only what the puppy is willing to handle without worry

As a guide to making such decisions, it's imperative that a dog is mobile enough to 

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